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Holiday Party

By David Stanford
Once again we will be throwing a holiday party for ourselves on December 10th at Phillip’s Old Colony House, 780 Morrissey Blvd., Dorchester, from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Because of our ongoing fundraising, this year’s party will again be free to all current members. Thanks to your continued support of our fundraising, we are able to keep this event free. However we would not be able to do it without the generosity of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence who are subsidizing the party because of our on-going support of them and their charity work in the LGBT community. So, once again we will be participating in their Sister Santa charity. In support of their toy drive, we will be accepting donations of new unwrapped non-violent toys at Decem­ber’s Holiday Party. Since the party is free, why not bring a gift or some cash for a needy child? These toys are given to children who have recently been placed into the care of Children & Families who would otherwise not be receiving much for Christmas. As Sister Kris Tall Mighty starts to pull together this year’s toy drive, more information about it will be shared with you next month.
There is plenty of parking at the venue and it is also accessible by the MBTA. A shuttle runs every 15 minutes before and after the hour from the JFK/UMASS stop. The menu choices include an appetizer of soup and an entrée choice of Baked Stuffed Breast of Chicken (boneless breast of chicken, herb stuffing and white mushroom sauce) or London Broil (thinly sliced beef au jus). The vegetarian choice is Asian Stir Fry. The dinner includes vegetable of the day as well as oven-roasted potatoes. Dessert will be vanilla ice cream with strawberry sauce. Accompanying dinner are rolls & butter, coffee & tea. TNY Entertainment will provide the music which always helps to set the mood and get us into the mood.
The cutoff date for making your reservation and dinner choice is November 25th. Please see the tear sheet. You can bring a guest, but any non-member will be charged $30. Since the cost of a membership is $30, why not have your guest join and become eligible as a current member?

Christmas Concert

By George Wright
As in years past, we will again be returning to King’s Chapel for one of their annual Christmas concerts. This year the concert will take place on Tuesday, December 20th. We will meet at King’s Chapel downtown on the corner of Tremont and School Streets at 12:00 Noon on the 20th, and the half hour concert will begin at 12:15 PM. The program has yet to be announced. After the concert we will have lunch somewhere in the immediate vicinity of the chapel and we can decide where that will be at the time. The place doesn’t matter as much as just being together to share the Christmas spirit. Many of you have been with us before for this cherished event and we hope that some of the new members can join us this time for the joy of the concert and the pleasure of our splendid company at this once a year holiday celebration. For more information on King’s Chapel, and their concerts, see kings-chapel.org

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