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Hasty Pudding Theatricals
by Bob Adams

How fortunate are we to have ready access to the finest comic live threatre—Harvard’s Hasty Pudding Theatricals. This year’s 168th production is entitled:  “HPT168:  That 1770’s Show”. We have 60 prime seats to the performance at 8 PM on Thursday, March 3rd, 2016 at the Hasty Pudding Theatre, 12 Holyoke Street, Cambridge, just outside Harvard Square (the closest T stop is Harvard Square on the Red Line).  Tickets are $26 per seat and our seats will be in the front three rows. About this year’s production: It’s 1775 and it’s no tea party in Boston.  After spoiled little brat Anne Heritance demands that her pushover father Govenor Bucky Hampalace raises taxes yet again, the colonists are yankee doodle done with British rule.  With the help of the govenor’s new gold-digging wife Mae Flower and hunky fur-trapper Seymour Beavers, the colonists plot to kidnap the little brat and send her back to England for a permanent tea-time-out.  However when the colonists run into delusional sailor Ahab Bitualliar, who has followed a mysterious giant fish into Boston Hahbah, they discover they may have a bigger fish to fry.  Will sea monster Codzilla exact revenge on the colonists for murdering his kin or will he become their catch of the day?  Will fiery seamstress Betsy Gloss find a way to trim taxes down to size or will recovering alcoholic Benjamin Dranklin drown in booze and tears?  Don’t tread on these colonists as they persue life, liberty, and happiness in “HPT 168:  That 1770’s Show!!!” Tickets will sell quickly, so make your reservation NOW!  The cut-off date is February 12th, 2016.  The unsold tickets, if any, will be turned back to HPT on that date. You will  be treated to a memorable, humorous, and totally enjoyable world-famous performance that will have you laughing heartily!!!  And all of this enjoyment is only $26.

St Patrick's Day Dinner
by Stephen Larrett

Chef Tony will be serving up the corned beef, cabbage and a little blarney immediately following the March meeting. Join us for the next installment of the hugely successful meals with a Saint Patrick’s Day boiled dinner of corned beef, cabbage, potatoes and carrots.  Cost is $10.00 and reservations must be received by March 11th.  Each dinner proves more popular than the last, be sure to get your tear sheet in early!  Late reservations will not be accepted.  Please indicate if a vegetarian meal is required.

Sisters Bingo

Sister Bingo will be changing from its monthly format to a more fluid schedule.  The Boston Prime Timers will be continuing our relationship with the good Sisters and are pleased to announce that the next Sister Bingo will be on February 8th from 7-11 PM at Club Café. We will continue to collaborate with their fund-raising efforts throughout the year, and are currently planning an Easter Bonnet Hat Party, so stay tuned for details. The Sisters are a modern Order of queer Nuns, comprising of people of all gender associations, all spiritual affiliations, and all proclivities to do good works. The Boston Sisters (thebostonsisters.org) are a House of The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence™, Inc. (thesisters.org), which was founded in San Francisco on Easter Sunday, 1979 and now embodies more than 2000 Sisters worldwide

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